Key objectives of Children's Group Link are:

  • To provide recreational, educational, sporting, artistic and counselling facilities and services
  • To involve the members in beneficial communal activities
  • To establish and develop members' talent

Children's Group Link helps young people:

  • With learning difficulties
  • With behaviour problems
  • With a disability
  • That are at risk or vulnerable to neglect, abuse, isolation or bullying
  • From high unemployment areas and / or marginalised areas of society
  • Suffering from social and economic disadvantage
  • Associated family difficulties including alcoholic, abusive or negligent parents, guardians or carers
  • With medical difficulties including substance or alcohol abuse

Children's Group Link is a safe place for children, teenagers and at-risk young people to relax, enjoy, develop and express themselves. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in additional to highly trained staff and volunteers.

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