For over 40 years, many vulnerable, ‘at risk’ and ‘unattached’ children and young people have benefited from structured programmes and activities, personal and social development supports and special events which are organised and managed by a dedicated and caring team of staff and volunteers.

Our annual running costs are in the region of €330,000. Grants received from Government Departments including the Department of Children & Youth Affairs (through WWETB) and the Department of Rural & Community Development (through Pobal) together with smaller grants total approximately €250,000 annually. There is an average annual shortfall in funding of approximately €80,000 which has to be raised through various channels. In a normal year this shortfall is very difficult to make up but with the arrival of the Covid-19 crisis and all its consequences – the task of raising vital funds has become much more challenging.

More than ever, we need the support of businesses and the public of Waterford. Please support these events where you can. There is an option to make a donation on our new fundraising page by following this link.  

Every donation will be acknowledged.

Why you should donate to Children’s Group Link

  1. We are a local Independent Registered Irish Charity;
  2. We have a proven track record of service provision to young people for over 40 years;
  3. We have established a reputation as a caring, considerate youth-facing organisation and have been recognised and commended locally and nationally for our work;
  4. We work with and advocate for the most vulnerable, marginalised and ‘at risk’ young people in our community with over 130 young people across 3 projects;
  5. Our work is carried out to the highest standards of care leading to better outcomes and brighter futures for children and young people;
  6. We make tough decisions in challenging times to ensure that service provision continues for our young people;
  7. We are flexible, responsive, and creative in our approach to dealing with adversity;
  8. We support the wider community by providing facilities and rooms to not-for-profit organisations and community groups;
  9. We are fully transparent and accountable in the use of public money; and
  10. We comply with the standards and requirements of government agencies, statutory authorities, and the Charities Regulatory Authority. 

We are delighted to introduce our new fundraising logo. Please also visit our fundraising page on Facebook for details of our current fundraising events.