The In Touch Project encourages and facilitates community awareness and involvement amongst young people. Members and non-members are challenged to consider and respond to the needs of those in the local and wider community. Participants are encouraged to develop ideas, which promote the welfare of those in need and the most vulnerable in our local community and other parts of the world.


  • To encourage young people to develop their own community programmes.
  • To help young people develop life skills, responsibilities, team work and community awareness.
  • To create a concise awareness in young people and adults of the physical and environmental issues which affect and concern them.
  • To liaise and co-operate with other agencies / groups that work in this area.

Activities / Programmes

  • Senior Citizens parties and bingo nights.
  • Fundraising for ‘The Developing World’.
  • Organising and implementing environmental awareness programmes.
  • Community clean-up initiatives.
  • Training and information programmes about community groups, statutory and voluntary bodies.
  • Visitation and support to Senior Citizens and Special Needs Groups within the local community.
  • Participation in community, religious and social events.

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