Throughout the year we host many Specialised Programmes. Some examples are shown below. We also support other community groups and organisations on a once-off basis. Examples include supporting the development of community gardens, community clean-ups and working with the elderly.

The Pobal Project

This is a 22-week course where young people between 15 - 18 learn about Personal Development, Life Skills, Creative Art, Sport & Recreation and much more.

The Poverty Workshop

This workshop is comprised of discussions, creation of a dance piece, video production and photographic collages, all aimed at reducing poverty and spreading the message of the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Trip to Mount Melleray

A group of up to 20 members embark on a hill walk accompanied by our volunteers. On the trip members got to the souvenirs shop and a picnic at the top.

The House of Horrors

The 'House of Horrors' is a quality event with a huge volunteer cast of actors, stage hands etc. The aim of the event is to give people a spooky experience on Halloween. Click here for more info.

Wheatfield Prison

A group from Children's Group Link has been visiting Wheatfield Prison in Dublin for the past 10 years. The visit allows for interaction with some of the prison population and exposes young people to the impact of crime and heightens crime awareness.

Click here for more information on these and many more of our youth-focused programmes.