Main Object

The Main Object for which the company is established is "to create an centre or centres to cater for marginalised, unattached, disadvantaged children, teenagers and young adults in order to support their personal, career, and social development needs and their participation in community, civic and social enterprise activities and projects which benefit the community in which they live"

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Mission Statement

  • Children's Group Link will endeavour to encourage and assist in the development children, teenagers and adults. We will strive to create a positive environment for those in our care and help them to express themselves in an open and secure way. The group will strive to achieve these goals through clearly defined methods and objectives. 


  • Children's Group Link's vision is the creation of a society where young people can thrive and succeed irrespective of their social background or economic circumstances. 


  • Children's Group Link recognises that personal development needs of the young people we serve will be enhanced through contact with our caring staff, leaders and volunteers and through the meaningful and relevant content of the programmes we provide